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Tourist Info Norway - Svalbard


In March 2001 the four nordic countries joined the "Schengen Agreement". While this removes border checks from Europe to Scandinavia and within these countries, it requires that travellers returning from Svalbard (which is not part of the "Schengen area") to Norway or another EU country have to carry official passports with them. Domestic european identity cards are not sufficient. Further information can be found here: Sysselmesteren - Entry and residence

Visit Svalbard Svalbard guide
Longyearbyen Lokalstyre Public administration
Sysselmesteren på Svalbard Highest representative of the norwegian government


KHO - Kjell Henriksen Observatory Adventdalen
North Pole Expedition Museum Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Airship Museum
Svalbard Global Seed Vault Longyearbyen, security storage facility for the seeds of the World
Svalbard Kirke Longyearbyen
Svalbard Museum Longyearbyen


Grumant - arctic travel company Barentsburg, tours in the russian area of Svalbards
Arctic Adventures Bolterdalen, dogsledge tours
Green Dog Svalbard Bolterdalen, dogsledge tours
Arctica Expeditions Longyearbyen, sailing tours in arctic waters
Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen Longyearbyen and Repvåg, also tours on the schooner S/V Linden
Better Moments Longyearbyen, exclusive tours by snowmobile or boat, also hiking
Henningsen Transport & Guiding Longyearbyen, boat and snowscooter tours
Jonathan Adventure Sailing Longyearbyen, yacht charter and tours
Polarcharter Longyearbyen, cruises
Poli Arctici Longyearbyen, tours by scooter, boat, ski or afoot
Spitsbergen Outdoor Activities Longyearbyen, tours by foot, horse or kayak
Svalbard Adventures Longyearbyen
Svalbard Husky Longyearbyen
Svalbard Villmarkssenter Longyearbyen, dogsledge tours
Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions Longyearbyen, wilderness expeditions

Other Information

Arctic Autorent Longyearbyen
Galleri Svalbard Longyearbyen
IGP - Ingeniør G. Paulsen Longyearbyen, outfitting for expeditions and tours
Longyearbyen Bluesklubb Longyearbyen
Longyearbyen.net Longyearbyen, local webportal
Olaf Storø Longyearbyen, artist
Kings Bay - Ny-Ålesund The worlds northernmost permanent settlement
Miljøstatus Svalbard Information about the current environmental status and its further development
Port of Longyearbyen Longyearbyen
Store Norske Mining company, the major employer on Svalbard
Svalbard Bryggeri Longyearbyen, brewery
Svalbard Buss og Taxi Longyearbyen
Velferden in Ny-Ålesund Ny-Ålesund, local webportal, no longer updated, but still online
NILU Zeppelin Observatoriet Ny-Ålesund, research station
Spitsbergen-Svalbard.com Private Homepage with lots of valuable information


Red Bear Brewery & Bar Barentsburg
Gruvelageret Longyearbyen
Huset Longyearbyen
Karlsberger Pub Longyearbyen (Lompesenteret)
Restaurant Nansen Longyearbyen
Steakers Svalbard - Restaurant Kroa Longyearbyen

Travel Agencies

Hurtigruten Svalbard Travel agency, Safaris, Cruises with MS "Nordstjernen", etc.
Altaï Svalbard Lyon, french agency
Natur Resor Annelie Utter Travel agency
OffTrack Experience Øverbygd, ski & sail, hike & sail in Svalbard
PolarQuest Organizes extraordinary expeditions
Vega Expeditions Longyearbyen, expeditions to Svalbard and other destinations
WildPhoto Travel Longyearbyen