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Tourist Info Sweden - Småland: Glas

Glasriket General information about the swedish glass manufacturers

In the 1990′s there was a strong concentration within the glas works resulting in just a few remaining independent companies. Nowadays there are luckily again some new glass works coming into the market, which do improve the diversification and individuality of glass design. Still, also in 2015 known companies like Johanfors or Lindhammar were shut down for good.

Bergdalahyttan Hovmantorp
Erikshyttan Studioglas Eriksmåla
Glasklart Björkshult Björkshult
Glas av Maria Feuk Växjö, engraved and decor-cutted glas and crystal
The Glass Factory Emmaboda
Hauges Hantverksglas Åseda, small, ecological glasworks
Micke Johansson Konstglas Örsjö (nearby Nybro)
Målerås Glasbruk Målerås
Nybro Crystal Nybro
Carlos R. Pebaqué Design Gullaskruv
Persson & Persson Åseda, works mainly with recycled glass
Pukeberg Glasbruk Nybro
Skrufs Glasbruk Skruf
Transjö Hytta Kosta

Even the formerly dominating "Orrefors KostaBoda" group has closed several of its factories or maintains only shops at former production sites:

Company glasswork, location
KostaBoda * Boda, Boda
* Kosta, Kosta
Orrefors * Orrefors Glasbruk, Orrefors (no more glaswork, only for shopping)
* Orrefors i Hovmantorp (formerly Sandvik), Hovmantorp
* SEA Glasbruk, Kosta

Other resources

Glasakademin Forum about swedish studio glas, information, knowledge and inspiration
Kosta Glascenter Kosta, information and education
Orranäs Glasbruk Orrefors, association to remember and preserve the glasworks history of Orrefors